The Artstronauts Club

The Artstronauts Club

The last 6 months has been a huge learning process for me. I decided to dedicate my spare time to making art in as many ways as I can that speak to me. I made polyclay jewelry for a few months and loved it, through that I found out about art classes online. Making art journals is totally amazing and really lets me feel free to express my feelings. In an art journal you can make mistakes and no one cares. It seemed very freeing for me. My favorite two artists at the moment art Tamara Laport from Willowing Arts and Teesha Moore.

Today I want to share about The Artstronauts Club and the art of Teesha Moore. ( (

I have been a fan of Teesha for several years, starting way back when she and her husband started Zettiology.  I tried on my own several times to try projects inspired by her art but I was never able to grasp the whole process and my work ended up looking sloppy and muddy.  The bright, crisp colors and contrasts plus the writing and bold, whimsical collage made me drool with appreciation and excitement… and envy.

Soooo, this spring I decided to join her online group that has a very small monthly fee of only $5.  Wow it was amazing. The insights into her art and story are just a tiny bit of the awesome goodness I have found so far exploring the club site.  Videos and downloadable collage art for personal use abound.  There is also a closed facebook page for posting work and chatting.

It’s amazing that it’s only been a few weeks but I have made 5 page spreads in my journal so far and I am addicted.  🙂 🙂

I read an article today where she talked about how it’s good fro artists to have a blog, that really inspired me to start blogging again. So here I am. I want to take more time for this blog and really share all the cool stuff I have been learning and making in my free time.  I plan on posting some of my art inspired by Willowing Arts soon!

Have a great day!

Peace, Love, Hope, Joy,