What can you add to this moment that is not already here?

Sitting in bed at 12:12 on a Sunday afternoon with my sweet little doggy next to me.  The littlest kids are playing on the floor, telling me all about the cool game they are making up about stuffed doggies and baby carriages.  My husband is at the computer making music. The teenagers are sleeping in. The middle kids, that are not visiting grandparents, are playing Minecraft.  We only have 6 kids home today, 3 are out visiting grandparents.  The house seems quiet. It’s my moment…. and I love it.

Thank you, Kate


2 thoughts on “What can you add…

  1. The book pages you posted are absolutely stunning. I just discovered this type of art form (I’m always the last to know) Thank you for posting this – it is lovely! 🙂

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