Happy November! It’s a beautiful day outside here in Kansas City.  It’s warm and it’s just about the perfect fall day.  I am so grateful when the weather is nice and I can open the windows and have fresh air.

Mondays are always hard, the kids are dragging their butts and crying about doing school work. I don’t really blame them, I sometimes want to cry about all the work there is to do.  It’s just a matter of acceptance. I have a job that I have to do, I can not wish I didn’t have to do it. That is the friction that really causes the irritation in my life.  Acceptance is all there is. You have to make the most of what you have in store for you today and do it with a smile. Amazingly, things become easy when you abandon resistance and let each moment flow as it needs to.

I used to be a Massage Therapist and I would say Mantras in my head as I worked in the quiet darkness, letting my hands feel the knots under the skin without thinking. It’s easy when no one is distracting you and you can work in a quiet environment.  I need to apply the same peace and flow to my daily life, letting things happen without my refusal and self created friction.

Acceptance is the key that allows life to be smooth and peaceful… acceptance of what really is. There will be no more blame and angry self talk about how hard things can be or how I deserve such and such to be happy. This is what I have, this is what I have to do. And it’s a great life, I am actually really lucky. If I take to time to look at it from the point of acceptance, I can focus on the best parts and joy becomes natural and fluid. It’s amazing when you can finally see it around you.

Peace, Love, Hope, Joy



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