Good morning! It’s one of those fall days where you can hear the rain patter onto the leaves outside and you just want the fireplace warming your cold body. No plans, no worries, just the warmth wrapped around you like a hug.

I live in Kansas City and the leaves here are in perfect form. Every tree is full of color, it’s a late fall this year so we still have lot’s of beauty to look at through the window while we stay inside warmed and cozy.

I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose happiness.

Lately with all the colds going around and a stiff back because of the weather I have been less than excited to wake up in the morning and face the day. Sometimes life is just too overwhelming to be excited about it.  I was an only child growing so having all the people around me in the house is hard sometimes. Crawling under the covers is so much more comforting than the care and feeding of a bunch of free spirited children.

Because of this gloomy attitude I decided to start this blog and learn to free myself from my resistance. Maybe just stating the obvious is enough to get me going until the coffee kicks in!  I choose to be happy today. It is my choice after all. We forget, at least I do, daily, hourly, that I can change my own attitude.

Today I am going be grateful and look at the good, choose to be happy. Be warm and cozy and stay positive.

Of course it’s all so easy to say until the first kid throws up…

Have a HAPPY day if you want to!

Peace, Love, Hope, Joy



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