So I got distracted yesterday and didn’t get a chance to start work on my art assignment about my Mantra.  Five of the littlest kids starting throwing up with a fever and my dog wont eat or drink, can dogs catch human sickness?  Maybe today I will squeeze in some time, let’s hope.

I ended up working on a cute little panda drawing that I started earlier this week. I don’t usually do cutesy drawings but little animals make me smile so I am stretching my scope of abilities. He is turning out pretty sweet so far. He’s mixed media with graphite pencil, micron pens, neocolor watercolor crayons, and pastel pencils.  I think I will add some background color with pastel pencils and do some detail work today but other wise I am not going to spend too much more time with him.  I don’t have a plan so we will see what turns up, that’s part of the fun.

I believe that making art is a meditation.   It’s a gift spending the time working and using my senses, without thinking or planning ahead, letting things develop organically.  Even though I didn’t start my Mantra Art yesterday, I still thought about what I wrote and I realized my goal of being more connected to the present moment even with life’s little disasters occurring all around me. By letting life flow and accepting what I could do and could not do with grace, I was able to feel peace in my heart.

Baby panda guy is page 4 of a mixed media art journal that I started for myself to practice new techniques.

artjournal page 1 artjournal page 2 and 3 artjournal page 4

I have never done any art like these projects before.  It’s a mixed media adventure!

Today I want my meditation to be about Going With the Flow.  I will remind myself throughout the day to just be like the river and let life go where it needs, sick kids and all.

Peace, Love, Hope, Joy



2 thoughts on “Go With the Flow

  1. I love your use of color in the other pages, and I think that while the panda would look gorgeous with some pastel shades in the bamboo behind him, the contrast of going from bright colors to mostly black and white is beautiful too, and helps set him apart from the rest.

    Hope the littles feel better soon! There’s nothing worse than a pack of sick kids. (Do kids come in packs? swarm? disaster? a disaster of kids sounds appropriate.)


    1. A disaster of kids sounds about perfect, at least today! 😮
      Not sure about the background yet, The white is nice but it still needs something.


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